Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Of Sex Pistols and Weather Systems

--As I begin this blog post, I'm waiting for the 5 a.m. update from the National Hurricane Center.  Will the remnants of Pacific hurricane Agatha reassemble into Atlantic Alex or just stay a messy blob?  It is June 1--the start of hurricane season.  I am happy not to be a South Florida homeowner.

--I am traveling a lot this summer, so hurricane season will offer a different set of anxieties.  They are lesser anxieties, but they are still there.

--My other set of anxieties:  am I navigating the state of Florida's unemployment system properly?  Yesterday I made it further than I ever have before.  Will it translate into money?  Stay tuned . . .

--Part of what I have to do to get my unemployment check is to apply for jobs, five applications per week. Yesterday I applied for all five in one afternoon. My spouse asked what would happen if I got an offer, but we are a long way from that.

 --We watched half of the Hulu series Pistol last night. It was oddly compelling even though I know where this story is headed. I suspect we have seen the most joyful part of the story, where people are just learning how to commandeer their instruments, and they are full of hopes and dreams.  Later they will become the Sex Pistols, and it's all just downhill from there.

 --I love seeing the pop culture references of the 70s, even though I was a child at the time of the events of this show. It's interesting to see all of those communities swirling around each other. If I was more in tune with my own time, would I see lots of different communities in the pop culture landscape or is it far more homogenized these days? I feel like it's more homogenized, but then again I don't get out a whole lot.

--There have been several times in the past two weeks where I have felt like my hair look like the David Bowie hair of the mid-1970s. Back in the day, I would not have been able to get my hair to look like that on purpose. Who knew that the secret to fashionable hair designs was to use one’s non-dominant hand and a blow dryer to style one’s hair?

 --Time to get ready for my appointment with the hand physical therapist. Some weeks I've become a prematurely old person, only leaving the house for doctors appointments. But I know busier days are coming, and there's still lots of packing to do. Time to start making some progress while keeping an eye on the weather systems.

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