Monday, June 27, 2022

Our Last Sunday at Our Local Church

Yesterday, at the end of the regular church service, our pastor had my spouse and I come forward.  He offered a prayer for us and a benediction.  While I didn’t cry like I thought I might, I did find it moving. I like the idea of being commended to the care of God as we go forth.


A few weeks ago, my pastor asked us when our last day would be. I knew that he would be preparing something like this, and while part of me wants to just slip away unnoticed, I do realize the value of being able to say goodbye. We've been part of this church for over 10 years, and it's good to have a formal way to separate.


After the service we gathered everyone who was attending yesterday for a group picture.  It's interesting to think about who is there, who has moved on, and what the future holds.


Our church also had some food brought in for lunch and a cake--it was delightful to share a meal with people.


 I thought I might write a blog post about how this church has formed me, and I might later. In many ways, my blogs have been a much more detailed record of how this church has formed me, from offering me the opportunity to do all sorts of liturgical art to preaching to supporting my candidacy for seminary, on and on I could go.

It is good to leave on a positive note, and it's easier to leave on a positive note when one is moving multiple states away. I've been waiting to feel some regret, and I do feel the sadness of knowing I will miss people.  But I don't feel like we are about to make a terrible mistake, and that, too, makes it easier to head north.

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