Friday, September 9, 2011

Carpe the Last Days of Summer!

So, I know that the kids are in school, as well as many of us who teach and work other jobs in school.  Maybe you live far enough north that your summer is over.  But most of us could still sieze the last days of summer.

Back in June, I came up with a list of what I wanted to do this summer:

"So, what would be on my list this summer? Let's see . . .

--go to the beach more often (why live here, after all, with all the extra expense, if I'm not going to the beach?).
--go kayaaking in our local park
--swim in my friends' pools
--make homemade ice cream
--grill corn on the cob
--enjoy watermelon
--go to one of the tourist attractions in the area where I haven't gone before, like Vizcaya
--SCUBA or snorkel more
--go to yoga class more regularly
--finish creating the fountain that we started building last year"

I did go to the beach more often, to run and watch the sunrise, not to sunbathe or frolic in the surf.  I went diving once.  I finished the fountain.  I swam and enjoyed all those foods.  I didn't kayaak or go to a local attraction outside of the beach.  Not bad.

There's still time this week-end for one last cookout, even if autumnal weather has come to your climate.  Many of us could go for one last swim.  We could enjoy one last fluffy movie or a beach read book.  We could go to a museum, if we live in places where we'd still like some air conditioning. 

I mention these things because this week-end is the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.  You might be like me and might be dreading all the coverage.  You may not want to feel that sadness and horror all over again.

I plan to use those emotions to remind myself that life is short, and that we should try to squeeze every bit of joy out of every day.  Each season goes by fleetingly fast.  Enjoying the pleasures of each season, and trying to enjoy something each day, can help.

If you need something for your poet's soul to counteract all the coverage you might face this week-end, here's a great interview with the poet Tracy K. Smith.  I will be buying her book momentarily.  How have I not heard of her before?

Now to get ready for my work day, a day of dreaded meetings.  I'll pack some watermelon to enjoy between the meetings.  And at least at the end of the day, my book club meets.  I'll hang on to that promise of happiness to come at the end of a work day.


Kathleen said...

Loved revisiting your list. And what a good way to see all this.

Jeannine said...

Life on Mars by Tracy K Smith is great, great, great. I loved it! (Plus, scientist's daughter!)