Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Equinox

Here we are, right about the time that the seasons shift.  Well, maybe for y'all in the upper 48 they're shifting.  Down here, we're still in Summer mode.  But that's OK.  My 5 year old nephew comes for a visit soon, and he's got his heart set on swimming in the ocean.  Down here, he still can.

What do I want to do this autumn aside from my writing goals?  Should I make a carpe diem list similar to the one I made for summer?  I'm hungry this morning, so they may all revolve around food.  Still, here goes:

--Enjoy mountain apples.

--Bake some seasonal goodies:  pumpkin bread and gingerbread come to mind.

--Decorate a pumpkin or two.

--Buy one of those glorious autumnal flower bouquets, even though they cost $12.99.  Splurge!

--Take some road trips (perhaps a cheat, because I've already planned them).  Enjoy the journey an the destination.

--Ramp up my gratitude journaling.  I actually only journal metaphorically in this category.  Still, I want to spend time focusing on what's going well instead of what's making me tired and anxious.

--Spend more time reading books.  Real books.  Paper books.  And maybe buy my first eBook, since I'm interested in writing them.  I think my first one will be the one that Kelli Russell Agodon and Annette Spaulding-Convy  have been editing, Fire on Her Tongue, a collection of women poets writing right now (more info here).

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