Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Muse Kisses the Morning, and the Day Blooms

The closing on the condo that we've been trying to sell for over half a decade now didn't happen yesterday, but I'm trying to live in hope that it's a simple logistical delay, not collapse. 

So, to make myself feel better, and to record my inspirations for later, and to do some Wednesday Gratitude/Attitude adjustment, let me talk about some things that went right yesterday:

--Early morning, driving back from my run at the beach, I misread a hotel sign.  It said (I think) Ocean Mist, but I thought I saw Ocean Muse.  All the rest of my drive I kept repeating it.  I think it would make a perfect name for a seaside retreat or a writing program of some sort.

--As I was waiting for the closing that was not to be yesterday, I was recording some ideas I've had for eBooks.  I have lots of ideas, and even some partially finished manuscripts.  I pulled out one of those manuscripts yesterday, thinking it was 30 or so pages long.  Nope--I had written 136 pages back in the early days of this century.

--Why did I write this book?  Years before I started writing, my housemate had complained about fitness/wellness/nutrition books.   He said, "I just want some simple, easy suggestions for what I can do to make my body feel better."  I made a list.  I started writing little essays about each suggestion.  I am grateful for good ideas that I can write about. 

--I still have the manuscript, and in a file that my current computer can read!  These days, that fact seems like a miracle.

--I also still have the handwritten list of all the essays I meant to write, and soon, I'll see if I actually wrote them all.

--Even though we didn't close on the condo, we still went out for dinner with my husband's dad and step-mom.  We had a fabulous meal at a beachside restaurant.  The weather was heavenly, the view couldn't be better, the company delightful, and with time on the meter for a little stroll afterward.  I'm lucky to have married into a family who loves me, and whom I love.  I'm lucky to live in such a beautiful place.  I'm lucky to have this problem of wanting to sell a property. 

--And I'm lucky even if the news is bad, if the sale doesn't happen for some reason, we can go on, as we have been going on for years.  We have work, we can pay our bills, we have our health, and we still have all our wits about us.

--Tomorrow is the last day of summer.  Time to think about Autumn goals--but time for that tomorrow.  Today, I'll enjoy some watermelon and turn my face to the sun--but not for too long.  We're still in intense UV time down here.  No sense getting a severe sunburn!

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