Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oracles and Prayers

It is National Poetry Month, but I almost didn't notice the opening day until it was almost too late.  I was catching up on blog comments, where Kathleen wished me a happy National Poetry Month.  And then, this morning, I read Rachel's post; she's examining the intersection between the idea of writing a poem a day and a different movement to get ready for Passover that asks people to write (or just read?) a blog post a day that addresses the book of Exodus.

Her post referred to the Bibliomancy Oracle.  I'm game, at least when games are free and don't look like they'll suck all my free time away.

I decided not to ask a specific question.  I just wanted general insight and wisdom.  Here's the quote I got:

"Some people are making their way through the catastrophic jungle

List for me the ways again"
from “Sorrow Arrow” by Emily Kendal Frey 

Why, yes, a catastrophic jungle--so far, that phrase provides a wonderful symbol for a large part of this year so far.  After hard work news on Monday, someone asked me, "How are you doing?"

I said, "I'm afraid this year is going to be spectacularly bad."

It seems unfair--I just had a bad year in 2012.  But it's important to remember that even bad years hold times of grace.  I lost my job in 2012, but I was rehired into a new position at the same school.  In 2005, a truly spectacularly bad year, I had a great trip to France with my parents.

Let me focus on what I can change.  I will not be writing a poem a day; my April will not support that.  But I will be sending my revised poetry manuscript to Copper Canyon Press; they're accepting manuscripts until May 1.  However, they reserve the right to stop accepting submissions once they feel they've seen enough, so let me be ready to send my manuscript in by Friday.  Yes.  I will celebrate National Poetry Month this way.

Let me imagine the possible ways out of the catastrophic jungle:

--my poetry manuscript accepted for publication by one of my dream publishers.  Copper Canyon Press is one of those publishers.

--my best friend beats the odds and survives esophageal cancer.

--the people most in need find dream jobs that must be out there.

--I finish my memoir manuscript, which finds all sorts of audiences, which in turn opens doors unseen right now.

--my writer friends find the successes they need.

--we have a calm hurricane season (please let this one happen year after year, decade after decade).

I could go on and on, but let me not be greedy.  Let us all find what we need, and restore us all to health--that would be my prayer for the year.  It's a good one--maybe it will be my prayer for life.


Maureen said...

Copper Canyon is a great press. Wishing you much success with your manuscript.

My cancer support group has a saying, "We're lifting"; we offer it to caregivers, family, and friends of a person with cancer to let them know that we keep them in our thoughts and prayers and give support in shouldering the burden of this illness. To you and your best friend, please know that "We are lifting."

Kristin said...

Thank you Maureen, for your good wishes and for the lifting. I love that concept!