Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week-end Wrap Up

I could write about the fact that I have to go to the dentist this morning, but who wants to dwell on that?  I could write about the latest angst from the workplace, but there will be plenty of time to explore that drama later.  I could explore my fears of being a little old lady left all alone in the world as friends have died decades earlier.  My laptop is doing a strange relaunching thing when I try to click on the desktop tile in Microsoft 8, but I'm deeply weary of trying to fix that. 

No, this morning I want to record a few more highlights from the visit from my sister and nephew. 

--We enjoyed treats from the grill:  bacon every morning!  Clams one afternoon and hamburgers the next.

--We went back to the beach, and my nephew swam in the Atlantic without a PFD for the first time.

--The ice cream truck came by when we were walking to the beach.  From my nephew's expressions of joy, you'd have thought that Santa himself was arriving.

--My kitchen still looks like an elementary school kid lives here:  there are cheese sticks in the fridge and hot dogs, and gold fish crackers and chips in individual serving bags in the pantry.  For lunch yesterday, my spouse ate a remaining Lunchable.

--We made additional karate sashes.  I was happy that the sewing machine made it simple.  I was touched by our nephew's confidence that we could accomplish this feat.

--We learned to play Minecraft, my nephew's latest obsession.

--We taught him to play Skip-Bo, which he loved.

--When my sister and I went to Publix to get groceries, a cashier asked if we were twins.  My sister posted our picture to Facebook and got a similar response.  Since I've always seen her as the prettier, thinner, younger one, I was thrilled to get that question.

--I was able to make decisions about airline tickets at good prices to see his first Communion.  Hurrah!

--My nephew says he'd like to live here "362 days a year." 

--I felt the happiness of my swimming pool--finally getting attention after a quiet winter.  My nephew was in the pool multiple times a day, which made him happy too.

--I do wish we lived closer to each other, but I'm grateful that we're still an easy plane ride away.

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Kathleen said...

What a cheerful list!

And Happy National Poetry Month!