Thursday, May 15, 2014

Creativity and the Creche

My morning is running away from me, so let me post here the same photo meditation that I posted on my theology blog.  It has a creativity component, so I'm hopeful that you'll enjoy it, even if the crèche scene is not your thing.

During the last few trips I've taken to Mepkin Abbey, I've noticed more crèches.  Is it because I've traveled during the very end of the Christmas season (Feb. 2, Candlemas, the end of 40 days of Christmas season)?

Or have the creators of the gardens by the gift shop simply enjoyed planting these crèche scenes in nature?

A crèche scene makes me think of so many things:  the joy of a birth, the difficulty of travel, God's glory breaking through in the world in ways that most people didn't notice.

In our creative lives, what is in us, waiting to be brought forth?  What is waiting to be born?

How can we nourish that divine spark that is within each of us?

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