Saturday, May 24, 2014

Three Day Week-ends

I got back home in the late afternoon yesterday.  We had an early steak dinner and floated around the pool.  I did my half hour of leisurely laps.  Several times, I proclaimed, "I love a 3 day week-end!"

Yes, I know that Memorial Day is more than a 3 day week-end.  I was born on an Air Force base, and I grew up around military people.  I understand the sacrifices that have made my good life possible, and I'm extremely grateful.  Perhaps I shall write more on Monday.

But today, let me luxuriate in the three day week-end that is at hand.  Let me confess that I've had a surplus of 3 day week-ends in the last few months--but I've been taking the occasional Friday off.  I much prefer a Monday off; it makes the rest of the week seem shorter.

We'll be going to a wedding today.  We'll be seeing some friends tomorrow.  But throughout the week-end, I'm hoping there will be some time to get some things done.  My desk needs some organizing.  I've still got to put away some stuff from last week-end's travels.  I'd like to buy some pots of petunias.

Perhaps there will be time for some concentrated creativity.  I've still got a poem to write to meet my weekly goal.  I need to create some altered playing cards (think collaging on a playing card) for the card swap that I said I'd be part of--due date June 1.

I'm re-reading Claire Messud's The Woman Upstairs.  It's a great book, and it makes me want to do art of assembly (as opposed to painting or sketching or working with words).  One of the artists in the book does giant installation pieces.  The other artist makes very small scale scenes in boxes, like Joseph Cornell.

In the past year, I've come across many references to Cornell, an artist whom I'd never really heard of until recently.  Is the universe trying to tell me something?

With any of these kinds of art forms, I wonder about the storage of the finished piece.  I guess this storage issue may be one of the things which ultimately drives artists to get an off-site studio.

We could take care of some house chores.  I got home last week to find the kitchen somewhat rearranged, with a teak table and bar stool chairs on the front porch.  Do we want to put some protective finish on the teak table to preserve its current look?

Perhaps I will sit at that table this week-end with my notebook.  I could drink coffee or wine and enjoy the sidewalk café feel.

I'm wishing us a sidewalk café feeling to all of our week-end plans!

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