Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Snippets: the Potted Plant Edition

--I am inspired by everyone's Facebook posts of their beautiful gardening adventures. 

--I don't have the interest or energy--or space--for the full scale gardening that so many are doing.  But I have room for potted plants.

--My house has arches, which make great ledge space for potted plants.  You may remember last year's autumnal decorating:

--One of those pumpkins lasted until the winter until it turned into a gourd.  The last of the marigolds just died.  Time for some summer decorating!

--I took the easy route and bought gigantic pots at Home Depot that come already planted with colorful flowers--some tall, some trailing.  All the plants looked wondrously healthy.  It would have cost approximately the same to do it myself.  I like the ready-made aspect of these.  I'm slightly sad about the missed opportunity for creativity.

--I'll post pictures later.

--I also bought herbs.  How I love herbs.  They last so long, usually, and they aren't needy plants.  I hate neediness in a plant.

--People ask me why I don't have pets, and I say, "I can't even keep plants alive."  But I can usually keep herbs going for several years.

--And yesterday, I stopped by a new-to-me gardening center.  It was lovely.  I bought herbs there too.  I arrived home with a box full of herbs.  Several times since, I've just buried my face in the herb bouquet.

--I may continue to do that.

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