Monday, May 9, 2016

Trans-Angels, Trans-Demons, and Other Notes from a Week-end

Over all, it's been a great week-end, from the Mother-Daughter banquet on Friday night (see this post) to my quilt group gathering on Saturday to a good morning at church yesterday and an afternoon spent finishing up our semesters at the community college--yes, a good week-end.

Let me capture a few details here:

--In our ongoing Purgatory project (see this blog post for background), we had an interesting interchange about trans-angels and trans-demons.  We are having great fun imagining what HR in Purgatory would be.  One friend wrote

"What, no sensitivity training.  Mustn't we be sure to treat equally: angels, demons, trans-angels, trans-demons, and those who have yet to be designated?"

I responded: 

"I am now thinking about angels trapped in the bodies of demons and vice versa.
And yes, I realize that some traditions hold that they don't have bodies like we understand bodies."
--Yesterday I had a wonderful time sketching during the second church service I attended.  I had Ascension and the Feast Day of Julian of Norwich on the brain (see this post for background); our pastor talked about how God will not leave us stuck, and this sketch emerged:
I am having so much fun with these markers that I might go buy more today.  I love the idea of sneaking away to buy art supplies--or should I say, buying art supplies instead of taking a lunch break.  I will soon need a new sketch book too.
--We had time on the porch--we are still having a stretch of lovely days and Saturday evening was so chilly-ish, I had to put on a flannel p.j. top to enjoy the porch.  My spouse tried to pick out a song from Paul Simon's So Beautiful or So What, and yesterday, we played the CD.  I like a week-end that includes music.  As we counted money after church yesterday, the ukulele group composed of friends rehearsed.  It was great.
--I sped-read through the last of Jonathan Franzen's Purity, which was interesting at first, and tiresome in the last 100 pages.  Now it is on to our May choice of classic works we're visiting/revisiting:  Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility!
And now I must be sensible and get ready for spin class and then work.

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