Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Recap: Holiday Week-end

Our holiday week-end included all sorts of surprises, both good and bad.  Let me take a moment before we go rushing into June to record them here:

--On Friday, we had some time in the pool before grilling our swordfish.  The meal was delicious, but my first glass of wine in 11 days was less so.

--On Friday, I returned to MyFitness Pal.  I was surprised by how much I would have consumed this week-end if I hadn't been tracking calories.  My Fitness Pal has determined that given my goal of losing 1 pound a week, I need to limit my food/liquid intake to 1430 calories.  I can consume all of those fairly early in the day if I'm not careful.

--Because I wanted more calories, I did more exercising over the week-end than is normal for me:  an hour walk on Saturday and a half hour bike ride on Sunday.  We would have had a longer bike ride if my tire hadn't gone flat because of a nail--sigh.  So, we came home and went for a half hour walk.

--We had plans for Saturday, from working in the yard, to replacing the battery that has died on one of the motorcycles.  But we awoke on Saturday to rain, and then the phone rang with a message to let us know that Comcast would arrive between 8 and 10.  As the morning progressed, our technician was running even later--but with the rain, I was grateful for a reason to stay inside.  Finally, after half a week with no phone service at all, we had a technician who seems to have fixed the problem.

--Yesterday I met with my quilting group where I tried embroidering photographs.  It was not as interesting as I thought it would be, so I didn't do much.  But later, I found myself wishing I had done more.

--Yesterday we finally got some yardwork done:  my spouse mowed, while I put weedkiller down on all the sprouts poking through the paver bricks.

--There have been moments throughout the week-end where we both despaired at how much upkeep work we face, even before we do the kinds of work that can improve the property.  But I try to remain grateful.  Some hours in the week-end, it was easier to maintain gratitude than others.

--Late in the afternoon yesterday I typed a poem into the computer and sent it to Dave Bonta's Via Negative site, where it was posted by the end of the day.  Go here to read it.  It was inspired by these lines by Luisa A. Igloria:

"But as always the taxicab
of history picks up its passengers, takes them where
they think they want to go; then leaves them there."

Current Events” by Luisa A. Igloria

--I am also almost finished with the short story that I'm calling the Prince story--it's gone in interesting directions.  I need one last scene to bring it to a satisfying close.  I'm waiting to discover what it is.

--I have a few more weeks before my teaching load intensifies.  I wonder if I could complete one more story in addition to the Prince story.  Let me see!

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