Friday, July 8, 2016

Arcs of History

I woke this morning with my heart already heavy with the news of more police shootings this week.  And then I turned on the computer and learned of shootings in Dallas.

I wrote more about the shootings in this post on my theology blog. 

As a Sociology undergrad who spent significant class time analyzing the 60's and the aftermath, I always wondered why the middle and upper classes were so slow to catch on, so blind to why so many were so angry.  I worry that I bear more resemblance to that population than I knew could be possible.

And yet everyone I know is both angry and grieving over these killings.  I take comfort from that, while also knowing that anger and grief without action leads to more volatility--scarily, perhaps like what we're seeing in Dallas.

I will continue to hope that cooler heads prevail, and that leaders emerge to show us a way to a saner civilization without getting bogged down in the old, familiar arguments about racism and guns and history.

I am ready for a new vision.  I despair of my ability to dream it.  I cling to the hope that comes from history, those times when societies are so hollowed out that new life can bloom.

And in the meantime, there is good work to be done.  Classes start on Monday--I'll go to work to try to make sure that all goes smoothly.

I'll carry with me the memory of yesterday:  my faculty development sessions went very well.  I was reminded by how much I really like these faculty members, how lucky I am to work with such a great group.  We were inspired by each other; I was simply the facilitator who got the conversation moving.

I will continue to remember the words of great thinkers who have shaped me:  I do believe that history arcs towards justice, I do believe that humans are good at heart, I do believe that we are headed towards a better tomorrow that will be an improvement in ways we can't quite visualize yet.

I will keep my eyes open, on the alert for signs of that arcing.  I will look for ways to serve the forces of the light in our effort to push back against darkness.

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