Monday, July 11, 2016

Ukelele Days

Today will be a long day, in a week of long days:  work in the daytime, Vacation Bible School at night.  But it will be rewarding.

Yesterday was a good day:  church in the morning, with a birthday celebration for those of us born in July--a scrumptious French Toast Casserole that was worth every syrupy/pecany calorie.  In the evening, we gathered for our 4th week of ukulele lessons.  I am amazed by how much progress we've all made in just 4 weeks.  We've gone from knowing nothing, to knowing several chords and being able to use them fairly efficiently:

In between, I got organized for the week and for the future:  the great closet reorganization continues!  I have found 3 pairs of long pants that I had forgotten that I had.  I have long pants in a range of sizes and not one fits quite right.  But the 3 pants that I discovered are bigger and loser, and that's a pleasant surprise.

Now to throw away the 2 pairs with broken zippers.  Why do I keep these things?

If my spouse was writing, he'd bring in a line from Lonesome Dove:  "Deets never was one to give up on a garment."  I do repair work to a much greater extent than most people--in part because it's so hard to find pants that fit in a fabric that I like.

I also took some time to do some reading; I finished Into the Forest.  Weeks ago I heard an interview with Ellen Page, who stars in the film adaptation of the book, and it sounded like a must-read.  It was an oddly compelling, yet quiet, apocalyptic novel:  lyrical, with a surprise ending that neatly answered my question:  "How is the author going to get out of this plot?"

I suspect that much of my week will be like yesterday:  very full, but hopefully with some moments of down time that keep me going, a week full of work, but work done with friends.

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