Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Perfect Day Off

I took Friday off--the lure of a 4 day week-end was too appealing.  I worried that it might feel like a waste of a day off, especially if our solar energy guy showed up to do work on the house.  But he had gotten delayed by other events of the week, and wouldn't be coming until next week.

I had a great day off.  It was filled with the activities that make me happy:  reading in the sunshine, cooking, taking a nap, reading in the evening.  I went to a great spin class in the morning, and in the evening, my spouse and I took a walk to the marina, where we sat on our favorite bench and watched the surprisingly quiet Intracoastal.  Throughout the day, I went back into the pool again and again.

We got a few chores done:  getting propane for the grill, writing to Home Depot about defective outdoor chairs bought last year.  I checked in on my online classes.

But overall, I took the day off--I spent very little time on anything other than relaxing and recovering from the past several weeks.  It was restorative.

I plan to do much the same throughout the week-end, although I'd like to get some writing done, along with a few chores.  The house is in desperate need of vacuuming/sweeping, and some of the bushes need a severe trimming.  I need to pay some bills and get solar power paperwork in the mail to our electric utility company.

Although I have Monday off, next week's schedule is hectic.  But I'll try not to let the thought of work intrude on my long week-end.  I will enjoy some perfect summer moments.

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