Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Late August Observations

I want to capture a few things that I've noticed--will there be a common theme?  Let's see.

--It's been the summer of flocks of larger birds.  I don't mean eagles or hawks.  But I have seen larger collections of egrets and other types of sea birds--when I see them fly over my house, I feel instantly happier.

--This morning in the grocery store, I saw freeze pops on sale.  Do you remember those plastic tubes of jewel-toned liquid that you put in the freezer to pull out on a hot summer day?  Now they're on sale--must signify the end of summer, right?

--For several days, I've had the music and lyrics from the ancient canon "Dona Nobis Pacem" in my head.  Our church choir sang it as the offertory on Sunday, so my spouse spent time practicing by watching this video.  And now, the music is stuck in my head.

--For me, this music heralds the Christmas season--I first became aware of it through an instrumental CD, likely put out on the Windham Hill label.

--So, it's odd, to be with Christmas music in my head, while at the same time trying to savor the last delights of summer.

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