Thursday, August 18, 2016

Perfect Summer Moments

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over:  our public school children begin classes on Monday, as do many of our college students.

I've had some perfect summer moments, the kind that make me wish that every summer day was just the same:  a day or two of reading by the pool and a dinner of fresh, sweet corn.  Yesterday was full of those kinds of events.

My sister and 10 year old nephew are down for a few days--it's his last bit of summer vacation too.  They got here yesterday at 10:30, despite the thunderstorms in the area.  My nephew was planning to travel in his swimsuit so that he could jump right in the pool, and that's what he did.

We grilled burgers and hot dogs for lunch and ate by the pool.  Then, we swam some more.

My nephew remembers the restaurant Jaxson's from years ago--they have amazing ice cream creations and all sorts of candy that you can't find just anywhere.  So, midafternoon, we went there.  I had an ice cream sundae, my nephew had a pizza from the kid's menu, and my sister and spouse had fried foods.  Yum.

Then it was back to the house and the pool.  We thought about going to the beach, but it was getting cloudy in the way that often presages thunderstorms, and so, we stayed at the house. 

It was a perfect summer day--and we've got a few more of them to look forward to before returning to the land of class schedules and school supplies.

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