Sunday, August 21, 2016

Staycation All I Ever Wanted

We have done more than just take a trip to the water park with my sister and 10 year old nephew.  What else have we done?

--Lots and lots of pool time, which includes something for everyone:  games with a variety of balls and rules which may seem arbitrary, sunshine, drinks/snacks, and relaxation.

--We have grilled, a different meat for each day.  On the menu today:  grilled lamb and grilled flatbread and grilled peppers and not-grilled tzatziki sauce.

--Last night we went to see the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers play a soccer game with Ottawa.  It had the same appeal as watching minor league baseball, which I prefer to major league because there's actual action on the field.  It was their first night in their new stadium, which had rain protection but no AC.  It was fun, but we did leave early.

--We went to see the moon, orange and otherworldly as a moon should be, rise over the ocean.

--We made Doritos Loaded, a culinary specialty available at select 7-11 stores.  What is this specialty?  Cheese triangles, breaded in crushed Doritos, and fried.  It was both gross and appealing.

--We have watched the Olympics off and on.  Last night I got tired of hearing the swimmer pretend to take responsibility, while at the same time knowing there likely will be no penalty.  Really, dude?  How old are you?

--Despite the Olympic swimmer diversion, we've enjoyed watching these sports that we so rarely watch.

--We went to Jaxson's, a local ice cream establishment that also sells all sorts of candies not available elsewhere.  I got a huge sundae, my sister and spouse got fried stuff, and my nephew got a pizza that came with a kid-size sundae, except that he didn't want toppings, whipped cream or sprinkles. 

--It's been a great, relaxing time, the perfect staycation for us and vacation for my sister and nephew.  School starts tomorrow for us all, but let us not think of that--we still have one more day!

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