Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ploughman's Brunch

I was feeling my usual Thursday tiredness on Tuesday--I'm not quite as exhausted as I thought I might be today.  Still, let me write in shorter nuggets this morning:

--As the Trump administration has undone privacy laws (are they undone?  will there be lawsuits?), I find myself shrugging.  I've always assumed that anything I do online is not private, no matter the law.  It's too easy to get data, and it's too profitable to sell it:  people will break laws under those conditions.  It's why I haven't moved my banking online, although I do think that banking is a more secure industry than many:  the banking industry has pressing reasons to make data secure.

--Of course, I can also shrug because my online life is so boring.  Go ahead and peek into what I'm doing.  Read the few personalized e-mails I get once a week or so.  Get my Amazon purchases of books I rarely go on to read.  My blog posts are out there for all to see, and I never post anything on Facebook without assuming that a future employer might see it, which means those posts aren't racy.

--I can also be blas√© because I'm one of the last 10 people in America who doesn't own a smart phone, thus no apps, no browsing history there.  I have no Internet of things, to use a current term. 

--I had similar thoughts earlier this term when a woman showed up to try to convince another woman to leave a man alone--I couldn't figure out who was with whom and if there might be a baby involved.   Long story short, the situation turned ugly in the parking lot.  I remember thinking, there is no human on this earth for whom I would show up in a parking lot and threaten violence.

--That thought made me feel old. 

--I want to believe that the fact that I wouldn't fight means that I am stable, mature, and emotionally healthy. I worry that I am a passionless stick who is so overworked that she wouldn't even notice that she needed to go to a parking lot to force a confrontation.

--Even though I was tired from a day of looking at faculty files while trying to also accomplish the other tasks that must be complete soon (classes start on Monday--gulp), last night I headed over to my church for soup, Psalms, and a creative response.  Last night, we fingerpainted!  Have I ever fingerpainted?  I have no memory of it.  Last night was fun--more in this blog post.

--It's been an exhausting week for all sorts of reasons, mainly because I've had long days at work.  On Tuesday, I got there at 8:40 a.m. and left at 8 p.m.  As I left, I said, "See you in 12 hours."  Happily, not every week is like that.

--It's also exhausting because I haven't taken time to eat properly.  As I told my spin instructor yesterday, "I haven't been eating well.  I haven't eaten crappy food--I just haven't eaten."

--Yesterday, I wrote this Facebook post:  "I am about to have a Ploughman's Lunch of sorts, although it's brunch time, so perhaps I should call it Ploughman's Brunch: a mug of steaming hot English Breakfast tea, along with some leftover sub selections from the sub sandwich platter from last night's meeting warmed up--when I write it out, it sounds sad, but it was tasty. And like a Ploughman's meal, whenever the time, it should give me some energy to do what must be done (to plough through these tasks!)."

--These next 2 days at work we turn our attention to new students:  new student orientation tonight and tomorrow, and getting classes ready to go.  So, let me get ready to face these tasks.

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