Monday, March 6, 2017

Poetry Monday: "Thread Counts"

If you need a poem for your Monday, Southern Women's Review has just published my poem "Thread Counts."  You can find it by going here and then going to page 35.

The poem had its beginnings in a conversation I had with a colleague in the Fashion Department.  After her full-time position had been changed to part-time, she was looking for other business opportunities.  She started her own business selling sheets made out of eucalyptus.  It was a fascinating conversation about how one contracts with factories and such. 

I also remember being aghast at the price:  hundreds of dollars for a sheet, which I was assured was worth every penny.  We talked of thread counts and breathability, but my brain was still reeling at the price. 

I also thought about how my colleague would probably be shocked at my practice of mending sheets (along with every other piece of clothing) until I'm mending the mending and the remaining fabric simply must be recycled.

Those thoughts led to thoughts of family quilts, and I had the third stanza of the poem.

I spent some time this morning reading the rest of the journal, and as always, I'm impressed with the quality of the work and the design of the journal.  It's a good way to start a blustery Monday in March.

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