Thursday, May 18, 2017

Not a Good Time to Be a Special Agent

It has been a dizzying week in terms of politics.  And that's an understatement!

Each day brings more surreal news than the one before it.  One wonders where it will all end.  Once I would have said impeachment or jail, but now I'm thinking that would be much too normal an outcome.

Yesterday as I drove to work, my NPR news station announced that Russia had volunteered to hand over transcripts of the meeting with Trump.  We have fallen through some sort of hole in the rational universe and into some surreal other world.

As I've read various stories about Trump and all the people who work for the White House, suddenly I realize:  my career choices have not been that bad.  I have never had to work under such circumstances, with a boss that undercut me at every turn.  On the contrary, most of my direct bosses have tried to protect me.

In all seriousness, I have never seen such goings-on in my lifetime.

When it was revealed that Trump cavalierly shared highly sensitive information with the Russians, I couldn't stop thinking about where the information came from.  I don't mean which country, but which special agent.

While I am worried about foreign countries deciding they can't trust us with highly classified information, I'm wondering about the agents, whom I assume were deep undercover, who delivered the intelligence to Israel, assuming that they could trust that the info would be handled properly.  And then Trump just blabs it, because he wants to feel like Mr. Big Guy.
I'm guessing that somewhere there are dead secret agents.    I am guessing that when info is exposed in this way, the bad guys know that they've been compromised--and I'm guessing that it was info so sensitive that it wouldn't be hard to figure out who had sold out the bad guys.
And I'm sure Trump doesn't care--he got to be Mr. Big Guy.  And most ordinary people won't realize that secret agents are dead somewhere, just so Trump can be Mr. Big Guy.
Many parts of this story make me ill, but this part makes me most ill and angry.  If some ordinary woman like me thinks about protecting secret agents who are funneling important info to those in power, how does it escape the realization of people in the highest reaches of government.
I am glad that a special investigator has been appointed, even though I know the troubled history of special investigators.  I am tired of this chaos.

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