Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Summer Launch

My first three day week-end since January is done--and it was wonderful!  Sure there were some low moments, and some work in the heat, but there was also relaxing and good food and more relaxing.

Some highlights:

--We made major progress on the yard.  A year ago when we put down river rock, I foolishly didn't anticipate how the weeds will take over if we let them.  This week-end, we fought back.

--Yesterday morning, I was attacking the weeds before my spouse woke up, and I discovered a huge tomato plant on the sliver of side yard.  How did it get there?  It's far from compost or garbage.  How has it survived with the dry spring we've had?  I staked it to the fence.  I do worry that it relied on the weeds I pulled for shade and to preserve water.

--After pulling weeds in the warmth of the early morning, I decided I needed a break.  I got a book, Scratch:  Writers, Money, and the Art of Making a Living, and settled in to read by the pool.  It was lovely, drinking coffee and reading, even though the subject matter is grimly realistic about how most of us will never make much from our writing.

--We had great meals, including some smoked beef yesterday.

--We can still enjoy time on the porch, even though we've shifted to summer weather.  Last night we tried the lime ginger sangria I created.  I'll post a recipe and pictures later this week.

--Last night, as an end to Memorial Day, my spouse played various patriotic pieces on his violin, while I read in the waning light.  It was lovely.

--I am really enjoying my return to The Radiant Way.  Sadly, even though it's set in the early 80's, it still feels relevant now, especially as the character wonder what budget cuts will do to their economic chances.

--I'm thinking about Memorial Day as the launching point to summer.  Perhaps I shall wear white to the office today to try to prolong my summer feeling of "easy living" (as the song puts it) even as I go back to work.

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