Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day Musings

Where did the month of April go?  A colleague of mine quipped, "Into binders!"  Indeed, indeed.

In late March, I used to say, "See you in May!"  I didn't realize how serious I was.  Between various visits with my family and the accreditation visit, I didn't have much time to see anyone else.

So, how will you be celebrating this first day of May?  Will you weave ribbons around a Maypole?  Will you go to a demonstration in favor of worker's rights?  Will you bring a bouquet of flowers into the house?  Will you sing "Solidarity Forever" or "L'Internationale"?

I imagine that most of us will go to our jobs on this fine May Day.  Well, those of us in the U.S. will go to our jobs, if we still have jobs.  May Day is a holiday in many other parts of the industrialized world.

A friend of mine is in Cuba today, and she plans to observe the May Day festivities.  I said, "When in a Communist country on the first of May, what else would you do?"  Strange to think how few Communist countries remain.

I know several people who say that Cuba is on their list of places to visit, and now that the country has opened up, several who are going.  Cuba is not on my bucket list.

On Friday, I arrived home to a surprise bouquet of flowers on the porch--how very appropriate for the week-end before May Day:

My family sent flowers to congratulate me for a successful accreditation visit.  It's been wonderful to have a whole week-end to appreciate their beauty. 

I think of other ways to celebrate May Day:  a May Pole, a spring festival, a march to support workers, leaving treats on people's doorsteps.  But I, too, will be at work, trying to figure out what is most pressing.  Let me remember all the ways that being a good administrator can support workers too.

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