Sunday, April 29, 2018

Progress Report: Week 1 with the Fitbit

So, now I know it takes about 250 steps to vacuum my whole house.  I am not a move-the-furniture vacuum type.  I mainly vacuum the high-traffic parts of the house.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE vacuuming?

I have now added one of those circular robotic vacuumers to my Amazon cart.  If I can use technology to improve my fitness life, maybe I can use it to have a cleaner house.

I'm fascinated by the way the Fitbit knows things, like when I'm sleeping and how deeply.  Today, I'm intrigued about the calories I'm allowed.  Unlike MyFitnessPal, the Fitbit seems to be adjusting because I overate yesterday.

At this rate, I will overeat today too, as the Fitbit tells me I have 539 calories remaining.  I began only having 957 calories in the bank, which is less than any other day.

I entered in my weight loss goals, and I chose from 4 options for achieving those goals (moderately hard) so it's proceeding based on information I've given it.  I thought it would give me a clean slate with the same amount of calories each day.  But it makes sense that it's always adjusting.

I've now had my Fitbit a week, and I'm still loving it.  It motivates me to move every hour by giving me the hourly goal of 250 steps.  I've taken the stairs more this week than I have in years. 

I'm surprised by the fact that I want to please my Fitbit as much as I have wanted to impress coaches and teachers of all sorts in the past.  It's a piece of technology, after all.

Now I must go walk a few more steps to get to my hourly 250 step goals.

If I obeyed my Fitbit in terms of calorie count, I have no doubt I'd attain that goal.  But that one is a bit more complicated . . .

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