Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Fragments

I feel a bit scattered, so let me record some highlights from the week, in a fragmented form:

--My dentist visit was better than I expected.  More brushing has paid off, much as more flossing paid off 20 years ago.  I have kept up the flossing; I will continue to look for ways to brush more often.  My dental hygienist told me that brushing with a dry toothbrush is more effective at plaque removal--I could do that at the office (I'm not willing to brush in the bathroom).

--Our solar panels arrived and the installation has begun.  The panels are still on the ground, but that's O.K.  They're safe.  I've felt very stressed by this home repair/upgrade, but now that it's underway, I'm feeling better.

--I wrote a draft of a poem this morning--the angel Gabriel cross-dressing in demon clothes. It's still very rough, but it's reassuring to write a poem.

--Likewise, yesterday I sent two packets of poems out into the world.  It feels like a long time since I did any submitting.  It was good to get started again.

--I went back through e-mails about our Purgatory Project, and I was reminded that I have been writing more on that than I thought.

--I created a new board with my Pinterest account.  If you've been enjoying the pictures of the visual journaling that I've been posting, go here to see all of them.

--I also created an Instagram account.  Maybe this week-end I'll do something with it.

--Of course, if I'm getting around to Instagram and Pinterest, it must mean that the cool kids have moved on to something else long ago.

--One of my week's highpoints that I don't want to lose sight of:  I applied for a grant for our Vacation Bible School--and I got it!  It wasn't a hard application, as grant applications go.  But I'm so glad that I did it, and so happy to get some money to help with VBS.  Now we can provide dinner for free.  And since our VBS is primarily neighborhood kids, many of whom are not well off, maybe that will help more than I know.

--I want to believe that I am helping more than I know--especially in weeks like this one, when I haven't felt like I'm buzzing with efficiency but instead buzzing with paralyzing anxiety.  It's good to collect these fragments to remember that even in weeks like these, I'm still basically on track.

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