Saturday, May 28, 2016

Post Shred

My spin class instructor who encouraged me to do the 10 day shred with her told me of the 30 day post-shred plan:  no gluten, no dairy, continue the protein shake and detox tonics, 2 caffeine drinks allowed, 1 glass of wine allowed.  

It's not the plan I envisioned, and I'll do a modified version.  I will continue to avoid gluten unless it's part of something healthier.  I'll limit dairy.  I'll continue the protein shakes and detox tonics, and when I run out of ingredients for those, I'll assess.  I'll monitor the wine, and certainly on week nights, have none or just one.

Last night, I took my first sip of wine after 11 days of wine fasting.  I was expecting it to be swoon worthy.  It was not.  And after a glass, I had a headache.  Interesting.  I had expected the wine to go straight to my head, but not in a headachy way.

This morning, I drank my first cup of coffee black.  And then I tried a modification of my usual coffee drink; instead of using 1 cup of coffee, I used 1/4 cup, plus a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of cocoa.  It was O.K., but not significantly better than black coffee.  And now, I've made a pot of tea, which I'm liking better than either cup of coffee.

This morning I also measured the ingredients in my protein shake:  600--that's 2 scoops of soy protein powder, 2 C. raspberries, flax seeds, and 1/2 c. oats.  When I return to my usual breakfast of raspberries, yogurt, flax seeds, oats, and pecans, I'll need to measure those too.  I suspect I've been eating a lot more calories at breakfast than I thought.

One of the ways I was successful in losing 22 pounds back in 2011 was using MyFitness Pal, and yesterday,  I went back to the site.  I plan to keep using it, while also keeping a Post Shred journal offline.  I had forgotten that at the end of each day, it gives you this motivation, "If every day was like this day, you would weigh x by this date."

Let me end by showing an inspiration in a different medium.  Last night, as darkness came on quickly, I did this sketch:

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