Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pumpkins Arriving!

I've been watching--with some amount of jealousy, I freely confess--my friends' postings about Octoberfests and trips to see turning leaves and apples and harvest festivals of all types.  Today, perhaps I'll get some pictures of my own.

Our pumpkins are scheduled to arrive at our church at noon.  They are coming on a big 18 wheeler, which means we'll need to unload them.  We do it pumpkin by pumpkin and then we arrange them on the front yard of our church.

My pastor has been away at Synod Assembly, so I'm covering the first two services for him and doing the sermon at the last service so that he can get some rest.  It makes for a long day at church for me, what with worship services and counting the offering and then helping with pumpkins.  But I think it works better overall than some of the weekday afternoon offloads we've had.  And it's much better than the evening offload we had one year.

One year our pumpkins were very late because the first truckload was stolen and they had to send another.  Ever since then I've wondered who would steal an 18 wheeler full of pumpkins?  Did they know what they stole?  Did they force open the doors expecting to see televisions?

Time for me to get dressed and ready.  I'll wear my worship clothes and bring my pumpkin offload clothes.  Offloading pumpkins is a dirtier, goopier process than one might expect!

If you're in South Florida and you want to support my church, it's Trinity Lutheran at the corner of 72nd and Pines Blvd, across the street (but on the same side of the street) from the South campus of Broward College.  We will be happy to sell you a pumpkin or a gourd of any size.  And if you want to help with the offload, come on by around 12:30--why do we go to the gym, if not to build muscles for such a time as this?

And if you don't live in South Florida, I'd still urge you to buy pumpkins from a local church or school or charity.   Your dollars will go further  and support the community in a deeper way than if you bought a pumpkin at a grocery store.

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