Monday, October 2, 2017

September: a Month in Pictures

Last night, I was labeling photos for the flood insurance adjuster.  Three weeks ago, late in the morning, we'd return home to flooded streets and yards:

I was astonished at the tree damage.  We were lucky that a limb only fell on a motorcycle.  Some houses had palm trees through the roof.

Because of the tree damage, and because our home suffered this damage, we wouldn't have power until 12 days had passed:

We spent a lot of time on the porch.  When it was dark, the battery powered autumn trees with lights gave the porch a cozy feel.

Now that the power is restored, we've retreated to the cool interiors of our houses.  Hard to believe that it's October, that it will soon be Halloween.  My September time offline gave me lots of time to read--and lots of time to stitch.  I've been working on new autumnal placemats:

I had been saving a package of fat quarters for over a decade, waiting for a special project.  My younger self would have thought of something other than placemats, but we use those, and I like the way they make the front porch look.

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