Friday, October 26, 2018

Pumpkin Days

Yesterday we had our second annual pumpkin decorating day at work.  Unlike past pumpkin days at past workplaces, we decorated small pumpkins.  They're cheaper and easier.  And we didn't carve--while we are training students in medical fields, I didn't want anyone to have to practice their suturing skills.

Since I'm the one who buys the pumpkins and sets them out, I have an idea of how many of us actually decorate a pumpkin--it's only about 5 - 10% of our population.  You might argue that it's a lot of effort for the few people who play along.  But even those who didn't decorate were delighted at the idea of the pumpkins and the art supplies.

I loved the moment earlier in the week when I slipped away to buy the pumpkins from my church's pumpkin patch.  I decided to use my own money:  I'd support both the church and the school, and I could take home the unused pumpkins without guilt.  I loved the brief moment in the sun and being surrounded by pumpkins.  It's good to get out of the office and into the community.

I have lots of art supplies, so it's easy to put this event together.  I realize that other campus directors might not have such an easy time.  I'm happy to donate the supplies.  Others have brought me odds and ends.  It's a fun environment, although I know we run the risk of people discovering that we're kindergarten art teachers at heart. 

I'll likely leave the table set up today--it will give other students a chance to decorate, and it will make me happy.  And maybe we'll continue to create pumpkins like these:

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