Saturday, May 16, 2020

Corona Virus Care Packages

In the early days of the pandemic, by which I mean just before the U.S. started to lock down in March, I ordered 3 copies of Jeannine Hall Gailey's Field Guide to the End of the World.  I had a copy of the book packed away, but I decided to order some more copies.  I'd read one, and then give all three away, or keep one for the April Poetry Month display in my college campus library, and I'd support a small publisher:

Above, you can see I was also supporting one of my favorite local wine shops!

Well, by the time the books came, my friends had gone into self-isolation, and it was clear that students wouldn't be using the library during the month of April.  That didn't prevent me from reading a copy, along with some apocalyptic fiction.

When I came across a packet of sunflower seeds, I thought about my friend who had been posting about her gardening adventures.  And thus, the idea of a care package was born.  And since I was sending a package, I decided to include my latest manuscript chapbook:

I loved putting it together, and my friend loved receiving it. I also created two masks, and made a separate care package for my parents.  Below is a picture of my sister (who was visiting) and my dad on the day the masks arrived:

I now have the urge to put together all kinds of flat care packages--they're cheaper to mail than a box.  Let me ponder all the delights that could lie flat in an envelope:  poems, seeds, puppets, earrings, cloth creations.

Stay tuned!

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