Friday, May 1, 2020

May Day in a Pandemic Year

If you were hoping for a traditional May Day post, I've written plenty of them through the years.  Here's a recent one from my creativity blog and here's one from my theology blog.

Let me create a collection of May themed snippets and see if they hold together:

--I was up before dawn, but I didn't leave flower bouquets on the doorsteps of my neighbors.  In these days when most of us have become germaphobes, what would my neighbors make of bouquets on the doorstep?

--It's a gorgeous morning--the storms that swept through yesterday have left us with cooler, less humid weather.  I did a bit of running with my walking this morning.  Actually, I ran a lot.  And again, I use that term loosely.  It felt good to get my heart rate up.  It felt good to be doing something that has brought me joy in my younger years.

--I wrote a poem this morning.  I'm not happy with it, but I'm glad to be writing again.  I may try to write a poem a day in the month of May.  I need to get back in this poetry saddle.

--When I look back to wonder why I didn't write more, let me remember that my sketching has been bringing me great joy.  Here's a sketch that I worked on for several days:

I thought about adding some color, but decided that I liked it without color.  I also didn't want to ruin it.

--My spouse was up early too.  He's got grades to turn in by noon.  What a topsy-turvy semester we've had.

--I will spend much of the week-end grading--one set of my online classes have grades due Tuesday.  My spouse teaches for that school too, so he, too, will be grading.  But hopefully we can find some time to sit in the sun.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous.

--On this May Day, I'm thinking about how this holiday has been celebrated in more modern times.  I'm thinking about worker's rights and wondering how our approach to this holiday may change as we move through these pandemic times. 

--This week, the president of the school that houses my full-time job announced that she had sold the school.  She's sold it to another school, so that gives me hope.  I have also seen these sales leave schools broken or dissolved, so I'm also a bit fearful.

--My household has been listening to this version of "Will the Circle Be Unbroken."  It is the most perfect version of this song that I've ever heard.

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