Monday, April 10, 2017

Highlights from a Spring Break Week-end

We had such a good day on Saturday, we decided to replicate parts of it on Sunday.  Here are some highlights:

--We walked to the beach.  In past years, we've driven, because we've taken a variety of beach toys.  This year, because parking is crazy, and because my nephew is older, we loaded up a backpack and walked.

--One of my nephew's favorite things about the beach is Edy's ice cream.  My sister and I enjoyed more grown up concoctions:

--My nephew wanted to try alligator as a food, so on our way back yesterday we stopped at one of the beachside restaurants with a pirate theme.  It was spitting rain, so we ate inside.  Not only was the food pretty decent, but we got to see the bones of the old house and imagine what it would have been like in an earlier, quieter decade of Hollywood Beach. 

--We thought about going further afield, to the Keys or a bird sanctuary--but I remember past regrets about spending time together in a car.  So we stayed close to home.

--After all, home has a pool.  Why sit in traffic?

--We thought about getting ice cream at Jaxson's, where the creations are as big as our heads.  But the wait was long on both Saturday and Sunday, so we kept moving.

--We have good food planned for today, when my mom and dad arrive.  That necessitated grocery shopping.

--We have eaten more bacon in a week-end than we usually eat in a year.  It has been delicious.

--Here's the thing that's been best:  we've been flexible.  In the past, I've often gotten too attached to one vision of how a vacation would go, and others have too.  This year we've been better at talking about what we really want.  It's much better than lamenting our choices later.

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