Monday, April 3, 2017

The Start of Spring Quarter

Today is the first day of Spring quarter for several schools in the area, including mine.  While I wish we would go to a standard 2 weeks off between every quarter, instead of 3 weeks at Christmas, 1 week in the Spring, and somewhere in between with the other 2 quarters, it's better for students to have less time off.  I'm always surprised by the students who just forget to come back after Christmas breaks, despite our e-mails and phone calls.

Last week was not a week off for me, or even a slow week, like the weeks of Christmas "break" can be.  In addition to a first week of a quarter, we are in the last few weeks before our accreditation visit. 

Last week we met the new students at 2 different New Student Orientations.  I love these days almost as much as I love graduation.  I love this time when students are enthusiastic and hopeful, before the grind of classes and juggling other responsibilities sets in.

In these few hours before the quarter starts, let me say a prayer for all of us.  I can use an open mind as surely as both new and returning students can.  Let me say a prayer for knowledge that's helpful, for teachers who are compassionate while shaping our minds and sharing their wisdom.  In these days of seasons shifting, let me pray for safety, as weather changes and as the work begins.

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