Sunday, April 30, 2017

After the Accreditation Visit, the Sleeping

This morning, I did something I rarely do:  I slept past the hour of 4.  In fact, I slept until 6:30.  And that's after my 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon.  I was very intentional about keeping this week-end free; I knew that I would be tired.

We had a great day yesterday.  At 7 a.m., I had a walk with a friend who lives in the neighborhood.  We walked to the beach as the sun was rising--lovely!  Later, I walked to the beach again with my spouse.  We had a celebratory beverage--virgin pina colada for me, a mixed drink with several juices for him--and then we walked back.  Two walks in one day! 

We had some work to do as we tried to bring the pool back from its intense green algae state.  But that went well, so it didn't feel onerous.  We ended the day with homemade cheese quesadillas and some wine--and then, to sleep again.

One of the disadvantages of sleeping late is that I have less time for writing.  Now it is time to get ready for church.

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