Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Octave of Easter

I am making hard boiled eggs--well, the pot of water and my stove are doing that.  I'm just monitoring the process. 

I'd have likely done that even if I hadn't spent the last week seeing people's Facebook posts and remembering all the ways I once celebrated Easter.  Long ago, I got Easter baskets full of candy, which I rationed to last throughout the week to culminate with the best chocolate, saved for last.  Once I made hot cross buns, yeasted bread, made and shaped by my two hands.

This year, although I haven't done the traditional activities, it's been a wonderful Easter, family style.  My sister and nephew arrived first.  We spent the week-end chasing sun around the yard.  This past week-end, with my parents, we chased the shade around the yard.  Along the way, we've had great food, great conversations, and great time to relax.

Yesterday was our last full day together.  After my spouse went off to teach his Philosophy classes, my mom and dad and I went to the beach for breakfast, a tradition we have when we're together.  We got up early, mainly because I had to go to work.  But it's also nice to be there in time to catch this sight:

Then off I went to work.  I will be spending this Octave of Easter, and beyond, working on accreditation documents, and yesterday was no different.  It's not onerous work, and it will have an end.  The auditors will be here next week, and at that point, we will have done all we can do.

We ended our last day together by going to downtown Hollywood to eat at a restaurant that my spouse has wanted to try for months.  It looked gloomy, so we ate inside.  We were there in time for happy hour specials, and we didn't have to sit at the bar.  We shared appetizers and one dinner portion.  It was delicious.

I was surprised by how many people were out and about on Easter Monday evening.  But I shouldn't have been--it was a lovely night, though overcast, and some of us might still be on spring break.  Our opportunities for enjoying al fresco life will be drawing to a close in South Florida, as the hotter, stormier weather returns soon.

In the meantime, let us linger in the light of Easter.  Let us eat our treats and enjoy each other's company.

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