Monday, June 14, 2021

Shifting into Summer

I'm not sure I have a unified blog post this morning.  So let me just collect some snippets and see if they cohere.  If not, at least I'll have snippets.

--This morning, I thought about the fact that we are about 1 week away from summer solstice, which means that this week and next will have the most light of the rest of the year.  It seems I should be able to make that more significant somehow, but as a symbol, it seems too obvious.

--I am eager for a bit less light; I prefer to walk in the morning when it's a bit darker.  But I also think of my grandmother, who loved these longer days.  She was the type of widow who went inside and locked the doors the minute the dark descended.  Winters were very tough for her.

--It's that time of year when my legs get dry and scaly.  It's so strange to have increasingly moist weather when my skin dries out as if I've taken a trip to the mountains.

--Some of my skin tries out, while other parts of my skin go into high heat rash mode.  Sigh.

--As I walked this morning, watching the lightning on one side and the sunrise on the other, I thought about a haiku-like creation:

Most light of the year.

Summer solstice comes next week.

Heat lightning and storms.

--Last week, I had a delightful conversation via Facebook with a former student, who was in my English Composition classes in South Carolina way back in the 90's.  He's writing haiku and had some questions about how I would handle syllables.

--Who would have thought, all those years ago, that we'd stay in touch and discuss poetics.  Technology has some benefits.

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