Saturday, July 3, 2021

Ancient--Or Wise Elder in Training?

I have spent some time this morning trying to access various work accounts, just in case I need them during this week-end of storm monitoring.  Our new owners prefer to communicate by way of Slack, which I find a strange name for a communications app that's supposed to make us more productive.  At least I think that's why we're using it.  I don't see that it does much that e-mail doesn't do, but maybe I'm just not wise to its ways.

Yesterday I updated the emergency contact lists.  We don't have that many people left at my campus, and most of the ones left don't have a complete set of keys.

I also decided to send an e-mail to the faculty and staff at my campus, just to make sure everyone has my non-school contact information.  I give it out fairly freely, but people lose track, especially when it's not used often.

Here's what I wrote:

"By phone, my home phone is best—it’s an old-fashioned land line: xxx-xxx-xxxx

My cell phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx (I have an old-fashioned flip phone—I can receive texts, but I can’t send them easily)

My non-work e-mail: xxx@AOL.COM (yes, it’s an ancient account, but it’s never been hacked)

I’m sensing a theme here—yes, I am ancient—or let me reframe this: I am a wise elder-to-be."

So, am I a Luddite? A Wise Elder in training? An Ancient? A woman who knows how to tame the spells cast by communication devices?

Perhaps all of the above.

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