Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Slow Seminarian

I chose this title in part to remember that I'm tired because of the accreditation writing I've been doing.  That kind of writing always leaves me drained, but it's worse this time.  We've discovered that we have a few reports left to do for a Nov. 15 deadline.  We thought a program was ending, but now, maybe it's not.  We are missing some information, but proceeding anyway.  It's not writing that I can delegate, because there are very few people left to delegate to, and I'm the one with all the documents and the knowledge of how to do the writing.

As I approached seminary class last night, I worried that my accreditation-sloggy brain would detract from my enjoyment of class, but I'm happy to say it did not.  After class, I stayed to get some information about spring classes.  My professor talked about an elective that she's offering face-to-face, and I asked if she would be likely to offer it again.  She made a sad face and said, "Well, electives are on a 3 year cycle, so it will be awhile."

I said, "That's O.K.  I'm likely to be here in 3 years."

We laughed merrily, but of course, I'm serious.  This morning I thought about my meeting with my advisor, who said, "We know students are here for a reason, that you want to get on with your lives as pastors."  I thought, no, not necessarily.

I've waited a long time to return to school, and I'm in no hurry to rush through it.  I do remember feeling this way about undergraduate school, my first year, that year when I was rapturous about the learning process.

I'm also a slow seminarian because I'm trying to proceed cautiously.  I'm in a season where I feel like changes are coming at a pace that is fast and furious.  I'm trying to remain focused and clear-headed, which isn't easy when I have accreditation writing to do.

Slow and steady, running this race.

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