Saturday, November 27, 2021

Leaving the Land of Excess

The close of a holiday week-end, with the best parts behind us, at least for me.  Today is a travel day, and tomorrow the getting ready to re-enter regular life day.  These are not the parts of Thanksgiving that make it one of my favorite days.

Part of our family group left late yesterday afternoon, and those of us staying in North Carolina made a delicious turkey tetrazzini from the leftovers.  I had made progress on my seminary papers during the afternoon, so that was a plus--a non-traditional part of Thanksgiving, but likely to become a regular practice over the next few years.

The day began with news of a new COVID variant and ended with news that the variant has now been labeled omicron and is a variant of concern, the most serious designation.  Markets crashed.  More news of the death of Stephen Sondheim, and I have already seen so many eloquent tributes that I will not attempt to add my own.  

So let me head down the mountain, with leftovers packed in ice for the long trip south.  I've e-mailed my papers to myself in case something happens to the laptop during the long trip.  Let me return to the land of sensible eating and exercise, much as I would like to live in the land of excess.

I fear we are in for some hard times ahead, both as a nation and as individual humans.  But isn't that always the truth of our situation.  Thanksgiving reminds us that humanity has come through tough times before and found ways out of no way--and yes, even as I'm typing these words, I realize that some of us have come through much tougher times than others and that some have not found a way, but humanity as a whole has, at least for now.

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