Sunday, November 14, 2021

What a Difference a Day Makes: the Weather and Photo Report

This morning's sunrise over the lake was much more spectacular:

As a reminder, here's that same scene from yesterday morning at almost the exact same time:

Yesterday I created this FB post/tweet:  As I have moved about this morning, the phrase "otherworldly" keeps coming to mind."

Above is the picture that inspired it.  It's of the lake about an hour after sunrise, although when I have envisioned the surface of Venus, I've thought it would look like that picture.

I haven't taken all sunrise pictures.  There have been birds:

And these pictures of a reedy lake, in case I ever need to preach/teach about Moses parting the Red Sea.  My Hebrew Bible teacher tells us it was probably something more like this picture than the Charlton Heston movie:

But still, I think my favorites will end up being this morning's pictures.  Until I take the next batch of what captures my imagination.

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