Sunday, October 24, 2021

Registering for Spring Term

 I am at the midway point of my first term at seminary--hard to believe!  Part of what makes it hard to believe is that it is still so warm and humid here that it doesn't seem like late October.  I remember looking at the syllabi in that first week of classes and thinking that November seemed so very far away.  And now, here we are, almost to November.

Another half-time marker is that I registered for Spring semester classes this past week.  There's a J term during the first 2 weeks of January, but I'll need to be in Columbia, SC, finishing up my certificate program to become a spiritual director.  Then I'll continue on with seminary.

I've been enjoying my classes so much this term that I signed up for the second half of each:  Intro to Hebrew Bible 2, Intro to the New Testament:  Epistles, and Spiritual Formation for Ministry 2.  I decided to try adding another class.  Careful readers of this blog may remember that I thought about adding a 4th class, Church History, in the Fall.  I'm glad that I decided not to do that.

But for Spring, I'm going to try a Religion and the Arts class:  Speaking of God in a Secular Age. Here's the course description: "Theological questions are often questions about language. This course explores what it means to speak the language of faith with integrity through complementary readings in modern doctrine and the arts."  While I'll admit that the description is vague, it does give me shivers, the good kind of shivers.

Wesley Theological Seminary is still offering 3/4 of its classes in an online, hybrid, or virtual synchronous format, so I decided to continue the way I have been, in online and virtual synchronous classes.  It gives me options.  But because I already know most of these professors, I also know that the classes will be robust.

And I can start looking forward to them!

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