Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Sorcery and Enchantment in the Modern Setting

Recently, I have made these Facebook posts, which I have made into Tweets once I reduced the word count.  They seem worth preserving in an easier to find format.  I feel a poem brewing out of them:  witchery, enchantment, the modern office, etc.  Or maybe they are just comments on modern life in 2021--still worth preserving.

Ordering supplies for Vet Tech, and it feels very appropriate for Halloween, even though we make these kinds of orders year round: sheep's blood, brains, that kind of thing. All in a day's work! And still I find myself leaving notes that I never expected to make in my professional life: "The sheep's blood won't arrive until Nov. 8." Am I a campus director, a spy, or a witch?

As I walked home from the grocery store, a couple walking their dog said, "It's not raining." I said, "Not yet." Four minutes later, I was at home, and it was pouring rain, and I am thinking of changing careers to meteorologist or witch.

Dark clouds scud across the sky, but it's still close to 90 degrees outside. I will drink hot tea for as long as the dark clouds help me maintain the illusion of fall. And having the office AC set on arctic helps too, as does the pot of mums on my desk and the autumn lights strung across the fairy trees. And pumpkins--pumpkins help too.

My New Testament professor greets us all by name as we enter the classroom space. Of course, it's on Zoom, so she has the benefit of our names being on the screen. But it's so welcoming and so simple to do, and I wanted to remember.

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