Saturday, June 27, 2020

A Weird, Warm Sky

This morning, I finished a sketch I'd been working on since Tuesday:

I wasn't sure that I was going to color in the sky at all.  In fact, yesterday morning, I thought I might be done, that I might leave the sketch this way:

But last night, I was trying to stay awake past 7:30, so I decided to start filling in the sky with color.  I started to lose the stars, so I tried accentuating them with some thin lines of cranberry color.

Here's the haiku-like piece that I wrote on the second day of sketching:

Stars in a cold sky
Mend the torn butterfly wings
Underground railroad

In the finished piece, I'm no longer sure that the sky looks cold.  It's got a weird, warmer energy--but I like it.

I really enjoyed working on this sketch, seeing what colors emerged and submerged as I added more layers of color.

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