Saturday, June 6, 2020

Incomplete Low Energy Post

Despite the wind, it is quite hot outside, like someone flipped a switch, and we're in full summer now.  Except that our full summer doesn't feel oppressively hot like this.

The switch that's been flipped is the tropical system Cristobal.  If you look on the satelite images, you see that the clouds and the wind are part of that sysem, even though it's moving out of the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico.  That's why it's hot and the wind doesn't help, unlike our usual breeze out of the east.

It's the kind of morning that makes me long for the mountains, for a different season, for apples and pumpkins.  I'm sure that longing is wrapped up in a parallel longing for times that seem happier, like the Thanksgiving gatherings with my extended family, like going to retreat centers, like stopping for apples along the way.

Perhaps it shouldn't surprise me that I'm having a low energy morning:  the weather is working against me, and current events are too. 

Perhaps I should give myself a break.  I was surprisingly efficient last night while my spouse taught his class from the study.

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